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Board and Members

President of the European Law Moot Court Society (since May 2013): Georges Vallindas

Board Members:

Bartolomeu Costa Cabral (general organisational matters)

Michel Debroux (vice-president in charge of sponsoring and general organisational matters)

Isabel Gomez Diez (Treasurer)

Andreas Moberg (Academic relations)

Javier Porras Belarra (Relations with the Organising Team and general supervision of the competition)

Sébastien Thomas (Communications)

William Valasidis (vice-president in charge of contacts with institutions and judges and general organisational matters)


Complete list of Members:

  • Maria Andres

  • Thomas Biermeyer

  • Bartolomeu da Costa Cabral

  • Michel Debroux

  • Isabel Gómez

  • Daniela Kroemer

  • Andreas Moberg

  • Iliana Paliova

  • Javier Porras Belarra

  • Elske Raedts

  • Sébastien Thomas

  • William Valasidis

  • Georges Vallindas

  • Diego Rey


Organising Team

The Organising Team (OT) is hosted at the CEU San Pablo University at Madrid, Spain. OT is responsible for the contact with the participants, the judges and the regional organisers. If you have any questions regarding the Competition you should contact the OT. The OT members are:

  • Laura Regàs Rosell

  • María Peñarrubia Bañón

  • Claudia Fernández Ruiz de Castroviejo

  • Patricia Gutiérrez de Cabiedes

  • Marina López López

  • Gabriela Artiles Rodríguez

  • Andrea Bravo González

  • Ignacio Corpas Lines