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How to address the Bench

You should address the Bench politely, and in the following manner:

A) When starting a pleading, say: "Mr. / Madam President, honoured Members of the Court, dear colleagues…"
B) When talking directly with one Judge: "Your Lordship….".

You should always refer to your opponents with respect, and in the following manner:

A) "My learned colleague" / "My learned Friend"
B) "The honourable representative of the Applicant / Defendant / Commission"
C) "His excellency the Advocate General / the Honoured Advocate General"

Please avoid the following mistakes:

According to European tradition, you should never address a judge as "your honour". That is only an acceptable treatment in the U.S.A.

Try to avoid mistakes while addressing the Bench. Addressing the Bench as "your warships" is NOT a good idea.

Do not interrupt a Judge while he or she is speaking.

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