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ELMC Competition Overview

Participate in the European Law Moot Court with a student team!

On average, more than 80 European and American Universities participate in the European Law Moot Court every year. Being part of it is very simple:

– the new ELMC case is published on September 1st each year on this website

– You form a student team (usually law students up to LLM level).

– They draft a pleading for the applicant and a pleading for the defendant (in English or French, the Competition is bilingual) under the supervision of a Coach (usually a PhD candidate)

– 4 students and a Coach register online in November by paying the fee of 150 Euros Net (usually paid by the Faculty of Law, any eventual transfer Fees are to be paid by the participants) and submitting the two written pleadings via our website, by November 25th.

– The results of the written phase are published online on the 15th of January. 48 teams qualify for the oral rounds, the ELMC Regional Finals.

– The participation fees (250 Euros per student, 350 Euros per Coach and 350 per Guests) are paid to the organisers of each Regional Final and are usually paid by your University, as well as the traveling expenses. Your team is of course free to find other sponsors.

This organisation allows the numerous Universities to grade the students & the ELMC as a Seminar: usually the work invested in the preparation for the written phase is graded in the first semester and the work invested in the preparation of the oral pleadings is graded in the second semester.

The European Law Moot Court is a unique experience for the students, introducing them to research and bilingual work, but it also allows the Universities to establish a solid reputation amongst the best EU Law circles.

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