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ELMC Society

The European Law Moot Court Society

Since 1988, the European Law Moot Court Society has worked with passion to offer EU Law students a unique opportunity to meet and compete.

Throughout these 30 years, thousands of students have taken this opportunity to develop their legal skills, pushing towards excellence in European Law, but most of all sharing the values that are at the basis of the European Union.

Supported and hosted by Universities all over Europe, the Competition is widely recognized as one of the most efficient ways to learn European Law and legal practice in general. It is today the most important Moot Court competition in EU law and one of the most prestigious Moot Courts worldwide, notably thanks to the invaluable support of the Court of Justice of the European Union and its Judges who offer us their precious time to evaluate, in April every year, the best students of the ELMC.

The aim of the ELMC Society is to support and stimulate studies in EU Law and to that end, it organises the annual European Law Moot Court Competition based on the following guiding principles upon which the activities of the Society are founded:

the ELMC should be open to all law students of whatever nationality and discipline;

the ELMC and the Society should facilitate and encourage the meeting of students from different cultures and nationalities;

the ELMC should not require any previous, in-depth knowledge of European law, but should encourage the acquisition of that knowledge through participation;

the ELMC should maintain the highest academic and pedagogic standards;

the issues of law raised by the ELMC Case should, so far as possible, be current, bearing in mind the state of development of the Union;

through the process of competition, the Society should create an incentive for students to learn, develop, and excel in themselves.

But the Competition would not exist without the constant, firm, long lasting support offered by the sponsors of the European Law Moot Court Society, supporters and contributors that, year after year, help us make the Competition what it is today. The result is a worldwide learning institution, based on a large, solid and fast growing knowledge-based network, that offers EU law students an opportunity to excel in themselves as students, but also as persons by meeting with other students in the field while being judged by the best EU Law experts.

Since 2013, the Society has reorganised internally, adopted the New Competition Rules -the preamble of which explains even more what we do as a Society-, continues to overhaul the internal procedures documents, updated the ELMC website, and designed Fresh T-shirts & Diplomas for our Students.

We will do our best to help the ELMC grow even more and keep giving our best so that students from all over the world experience the Values and thrills of EU Law.

Now it’s your turn: jump into the Competition!

President of the European Law Moot Court Society

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President of the European Law Moot Court Society (since May 2013): Georges Vallindas

Board Members:

Anthony Abi Hanna

Maria Andres Moreno (Written Phase Manager)

Marta Andres Vaquero

Joyce De Coninck

Daniela Kroemer

Rafael Molina (Social Media Manager)

Alezini Loxa

Javier Porras Belarra (Organising Team Manager and host University contact)

Diego Rey

Sina Tannebaum

Organising Team

The Organising Team (OT) is hosted at the CEU San Pablo University at Madrid, Spain. Our central OT is responsible for the contact with the participants and the regional organisers.

Lucia Ruiz Herberg

Estrella Ornelas Quezada

María Sevilla Pérez

Marina Vázquez Alonso

Carlota Lagunilla Aresté

Pablo Castellano Cerrón

Rodrigo Piris Cuiza

Pablo Vilanova Echávarri

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