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Host a Regional Final in your University!

The European Law Moot Court Society is currently calling for tenders regarding the setting of regional finals for February 2025 & February 2026.

Since 1988 the ELMC Society has co-operated with over 100 Universities all over Europe & the US in the establishment of successful Regional finals.

The strong knowledge that we have acquired regarding the planning and implementation of these events is today fully available to all Universities, from European and non-European Countries alike who wish to host a top level international event.

The Society supports every Regional Final financially, granting all registration fees to the regional organisers, and assures all the materials and know-how that help produce top level international events that benefit the prestige of the organising University and give the local students a unique opportunity to participate in the successful organisation of an international gathering & of course make new friends from all over the world.

If you would like to receive a complete information package, please send an e-mail to the ELMC organising team!

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