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Regional Finals

The February 2018 Regional Finals of the European Law Moot Court Competition were hosted by :

  • University of Belgrade, which has its origins back in 1808, at the capital city of Serbia, candidate Member State in active accession negotiations with the EU ;
  • University of Lucerne, with roots that reach back as far as 1600, and officially one of Switzerland’s twelve universities since 2000. Our host country is EU’s fourth largest trading partner and, despite its complicated relationship status, has signed 10 bilateral agreements with the EU ;
  • Center of International and European Economic Law of Thessaloniki, established in the second largest city of Greece in 1978 on the initiative of Professor Dimitrios Evrigenis (Thessaloniki Aristotle University), member of the Hellenic and the European Parliament and Judge at the European Court of Human Rights ;
  • University of Edinburgh, founded in 1582 and broadly known for being one of the intellectual centers during the Age of Enlightenment, contributing largely into giving the city the nickname of the Athens of the North;
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