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We are grateful to have for this year’s Competition our Sponsors that make all of this possible!


Since its foundation in 1988, the European Law Moot Court has consistently been sponsored by some of the finest law firms active in European law. Since President’s Ole DUE invitation, we are officially supported by the EU Court of Justice, whose members compose the benches at the competition’s European Final, hosted by the Court in Luxembourg. The top EU Law experts from institutions, private practice and academia also sit every year as Judges for the Regional Finals.

Without our sponsors’ support, nothing would be possible since the ELMC Society is organizing & coordinating the only decentralized global student competition in EU Law in 5 different countries every year. All ELMC Society Members are EU Law experts that give a substantial part of their free time as unpaid volunteers in order for our budget to be fully dedicated to the student’s competition.

Partnering with the European Law Moot Court allows our sponsors to increase their visibility among the best EU law students among the best universities worldwide. Our sponsors are present on our website, Facebook page, case, annual report, four regional finals booklet and posters, and are systematically mentioned in all documents and presentation speeches during the competition. This highly focused communication provides our sponsors with a unique opportunity to establish strong links with the finest EU law circles and brightest students. Moreover one sponsor representative is invited to sit as a judge at one of the ELMC Regional Finals and to be present during the European Final at the CJEU, in direct contact with the students who could be their next trainees.

The ELMC Society remains grateful to the sponsors of recent previous seasons of our student competition. You made it all possible!

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