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Useful Tips

This Competition is about learning and about meeting other people from all backgrounds, who share a common interest in Europe and EU Law.

This is one of the rare settings in which you will have the chance to meet people from all over the world who are studying European Law as you are, along with the unique opportunity to plead before actual Members of the Court of Justice and General Court of the European Union, and top Professors and Lawyers, who practice in the field for decades.

Your victory will be to learn how to face a legal problem, work on it as a team, research, discuss, argue, present written pleadings, and then plead before a bench of top experts in the field.

What you will do in the course of the Competition is quite similar to the kind of work that you will be asked to deliver in real life in many legal professions.

Consequently, this is a wonderful opportunity to go through it all, without the stress of having a real client or a real boss to worry about: if the results are not what you expected, you can learn from the experience and go out to socialize with your team members and other participants.

After facing the bench in a Regional Final, you will be better prepared to face a real court hearing.

You will win by learning how to organize your work, working as a team, respecting all points of view, and challenging yourself to act professionally and seriously, even if it is just a game. Your victory will be what you learn.

In the end, you will probably have memories for a lifetime and a peaceful feeling that you too can be a great Lawyer.

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