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Written Phase Tips

Read the new update rules carefully. Have many eyes read them carefully.

Read the case carefully.

Browse the website regularly. It’s even easier, if the whole team follows the ELMC Facebook Page .

It is a good idea to get a new e-mail address for the contact with the OT during the Moot Court.

Check your e-mail regularly.

It may be a good idea quite early in the process to split the team up in a respondent team and an applicant team.

Ask former participants for advice – they might have some useful information.

Many Universities sponsor the participation costs of their students. If such is not your case, start sponsor contacts early. Some suggestions regarding how to do it can be found in the tips section of this website.

Contact your European Law teachers: they may have experience in the ELMC.

Read the case again and again – at least once every day.

Respect all ideas from all team members.

The use of deadlines can be very helpful during the work.

Do not put all your eggs in the same basket – save the document on the hard drive of two different computers and on disks. A backup can not hurt you.

Remember Murphy´s law: if it can go wrong, it will.

Read the rules again and again.

Before beginning the actual writing do yourselves a favour and format your document in accordance with the new updated ELMC Rules.

Regularly save your work in different backup forms.

Have in mind that your written pleadings will most likely be evaluated by judges not of your own nationality – SO KEEP IT SIMPLE.

If there are two possible ways to understand a given question choose the simple interpretation.

The easiest way to maximise the points for your written pleadings is to minimise the amount of penalty points given, so keep your written pleadings within the rules.

Meet the deadline for sending in the written pleadings.

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